Close Protection

Close Protection Operatives are specialised security officers who provide protection to individuals seeking personal protective measures. Whatever the reason, we can assure all our clients that NLSS close protection staff have a diverse range of experience in this field and do not simply hold a close protection licence.  

Conduct counter and anti surveillance

High level First Aiders (FREC, MIRA)

Manage Residential Security Teams (RST)

Plan, execute and advise on travel procedures

Work independently or as part of a CP team

Next Level Security Services

Your safety is our agenda

Our operatives are carefully selected and vetted with client confidentiality being paramount. Our Close protection staff have a wealth of senior military and police experience, both at home and abroad and in many hostile environments. Their expertise and strategic planning abilities will ensure your safety is their primary agenda.

All CP operations are preceded by an active risk assessment.

Whether your close protection is imposed or selected, we can provide a solution.

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